August 28, 2018

Renee Dembowski, Director of Social Butterfly Marketing and Social Media College’s first ever graduate – has been awarded ‘Most Innovative Use of Social Media’ at the 2018 Social Media Marketing Awards! 

So how did Renee win this coveted award? 

The Virtual Fashions on the Field at Cairns Amateurs Races was the first of its kind in Australia. It took all the fun, excitement and glamour of fashions on the field and added a digital twist.  Using the power social media, Renee opened up the competition to a new, wider audience that included fashionistas or busy mums who couldn’t attend the event. It was a smashing success! 

As a result of this campaign, Renee increased the reach of that event by 380% versus the prior year. She also attracted attention from large corporates like Singapore Airlines. Love your work Renee! 

One of Renee’s most notable campaigns was the Cairns Eye Social Butterfly. Recognising the potential of influencer marketing, Renee wanted to find someone young, fresh and exciting to become the face of her brand, when a spark of inspiration hit her. 

‘One thing about the local Cairns community is that we’re very supportive of each other‘. Renee wanted to think bigger and engage other media outlets.

As a result, the opportunity grew beyond just being the face of Renee’s own brand, but also an ambassador for the entire Cairns region partnering across print, social media and radio.   

The finalists were selected from a public vote with the top three entering a selection process to become the ‘Cairns Eye Social Butterfly’. 

The winner’s opportunities included promoting and covering local events across all three media channels and completing the Diploma of Social Media Marketing.  

Essentially, what began as an opportunity for her own brand – became that and much more through the process of collaboration with the local community and media.  How’s that for innovation!?

Renee is also delivers the Diploma of Social Media Marketing in her partnership with Rii Skills Centre. 

We recently conducted an interview with Renee to discuss all of her achievements and tips for future marketers. You can watch this on our Facebook Live Channel here


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If you’re ready to light the spark of innovation for your own business or career using the power of social media, contact us today! 

About the author 

Jonathon Tanner

Jonathon Tanner is the Co-CEO of Social Media College, Australia's leading educator and trainer for social media.

He co-authored the Diploma of Social Media Marketing, the world's first and only Australian Government recognised course in social media marketing, delivered by 25 leading colleges and TAFEs across Australia, and articulating into several Bachelor programs at Australian Universities.

His deep expertise in social media spans content marketing, social media strategy, 15 different social media networks, paid social advertising, personal branding, email marketing, and social media conversion.

Jonathon has also co-founded several other businesses, as well as spending 12 years as a management consultant specialising in mergers & acquisitions for private equity firms, growth strategy, and operational improvement.

Jonathon holds a combined Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Sydney.

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