May 30, 2019

Social media practitioners price differently depending on their business models and what types of work they’re doing. Some will prefer to do hourly work for the clients they take on. While this will work for freelance workers looking to keep their work part time, those looking to scale their own business or start an agency should be looking at creating fixed-price packages instead.

When most high-end clients are looking to book social media experts, they don’t want to be worried about paying hourly charges every week or not knowing exactly what they’ll get for the money they’re shelling out. It’s too much to keep up with and too much unpredictability; they’d much rather be able to compare packages between different practitioners and know exactly what types of services you offer and to what extent so they can factor it into their budget once.

In this post, we’re going to look at how to put together different social media marketing packages to attract the type of clients that you want to find and increase the likelihood that you snag their business. 




Why You Should Always Offer Different Packages

Notice that we say “social media marketing packages” and not “social media marketing package.” There’s a good reason for this: offering different tiers of packaging will help you land more clients, because they’ll be able to choose the services that they need and avoid ones they don’t.

Different types of packages will typically involve the addition or subtraction of the amount of content or services you’re offering, giving your clients the ability to find services that work for them within their price point.


Social media marketing packages and pricing

As far as social media marketers go, packages will benefit you, too. They’ll standardize what you offer, which allows you to better predict how much time you’ll spend on each contract and know exactly how much money you’ll be making in that time.

When structured well, tiered levels of packages make it easier to upsell those higher-level options, helping you to make more while slightly reducing your workload because you’re doing more for fewer clients.


examples of social media marketing packages

We want to reiterate here that offering packages instead of hourly will not only make you look more established, but will also make it easier for you to lock in contracts and require payment up front at the beginning of each month, giving you more stability and protection. This is what we want for all of the graduates of our courses.


How to Create Your Social Media Marketing Packages

The most important thing to consider when creating your social media marketing packages is what it is that you want to offer, and how you want to scale those offerings.

Do you want to offer general social media marketing? Have a baseline “standard” package with two profiles, 10 posts per week total, one monthly report. You can increase this with a “plus” package that allows for four profiles and 20 posts per week, with a monthly report and a strategy session. Then have the “ultra” package, which includes 6 profiles, 30 unique posts per week, a monthly report, a strategy session, and a bi-monthly audit.

You also have the option to scale up in services. Maybe your baseline package will just include social media content creation and scheduling. Your mid-level package includes strategy and reporting, and your plus offers full engagement monitoring and management.


In addition to your main packages, you can offer “add-ons,” which users can pay for individually or add on as part of their retainer. These may include:

  • One-time strategy creation, or ongoing strategy creation and assessment
  • Social engagement and management
  • Ad campaigns creation, publication, and management (typically not including ad spend in the retainer; the client has to pay for that themselves)
  • One-time social events, like a social media contest or creating/promoting a Facebook event
  • Hosting an on-social event, like a Twitter chat.


4 Examples of Social Marketing Packages To Be Inspired By

Wondering exactly what sort of packages exist online and how to go about featuring and marketing yours? The sky really is the limit to what sort of packages you want to create, and it’s all about your specialty and what you want to offer, but these four examples will give you a few ideas to draw some inspiration from.


Changescape Web

Changescape Web has clear social media packages that are immediately available on their site with pricing, descriptions, and package breakdowns all right there for potential clients to assess. They even use bold text and then smaller, unbolded text to elaborate on exactly what their offerings include so there’s no questions).


social media marketing package from Changescape Web

They’ve given each package a motivating title like “Build,” “Grow,” and “Accelerate,” and then explain what package is best for what type of client. This helps clients assess what may be right for them, and feeling like a business understands them and their goals can help drive conversions.

Another great thing to notice is that their Accelerate program is the best bang for the month, easily, offering more than double what the mid-tiered package includes plus reputation management. By having this top tiered package seem like such a great deal, it will entice more people to go ahead and choose that one, which is best for your bottom line.


Bold and Pop

Bold and Pop offers a variety of different social media packages, and one thing they offer that you don’t commonly see is a stand-alone, non-retainer “Social Media Consulting package.” For a one-time fee of 2k, they’ll get you set up with a social media marketing strategy that’s tailor-made to your business.

This is a service that stands out, because it’s something that plenty of clients may want– to know how to do the work instead of paying for someone to do it for them month after month.


examples of Bold and Pop's  social media marketing services

This comes at a high cost because it’s one-off service, which benefits the business, and it can also be used to rope in potential customers who look at the strategy, who now trust you, and who think “gosh that’s a lot more work than I originally thought.” So not only are they getting paid a high fee to create a strategy, there’s a good chance that clients may then hire them for ongoing retainer work to execute the strategy, too.



Brandit360’s social media marketing services are offering high-level strategy and monitoring mixed in with content, and their different packages are really focusing more on the scaling in networks and content instead of adding on additional services that increase with the scope of the packages.

Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 10.47.49 PM

We also want to acknowledge the actual layout of this pricing package, which helps the differences in information stand out. They use bright orange for the title tags, which contrast against the dark background. Clean white lines put space between each individual package, separating them, and they use clear white text to highlight the difference in packages.

These are more high-cost services than a lot of the other examples we’ve looked at, but they’re offering a lot more on-going services like monitoring, engagement, and marketing strategies.


Instagram Algorithm


Stellar Media Marketing

Stellar Media Marketing is the perfect example of an agency that’s found a great niche and smartly built their services around it. They offer social media marketing packages specifically for real estate agents and brokers, which gives them a lot of extra credibility and helps them stand out with their target audience.


Examples of niche social media marketing practices

If you look at their packages, you’ll see that most of the social media services offered aren’t too different from what you’d offer as a general practitioner; there are just a few services mentioning listings and open houses sprinkled in. These small adjustments can mean big profit and revenue, as you’ll become more appealing to your newly niched down audience.

There are so many different niches you can choose from. You can go big, offering services for industries like “B2b,” “SAAS,” or “fashion.” You can go smaller, like “real estate,” “medical/dentists,” or “lifestyle brands.”

If you want to niche, find something that you really connect with and care about if possible, because you’ll need to speak that industry’s language and if you do your job right, you’ll be immersed in it for 24/7. Don’t become a real estate marketer if you hate talking about open floor plans and sparkling pools, perhaps. 


How to Go Custom

It’s pretty common to check out a site’s social media packages and see that they’ll have three or four options listed (sometimes more, and sometimes less), and then have a note to get in touch for the option of custom packages.

 Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 1.37.51 AM

As you’re growing your agency or your own business, sometimes it’s useful to be willing to be a little flexible. The clients get exactly what they want, and you can sometimes get away with charging a little more by selling it as a “custom-for-you” package to clients who want this.

So do exactly that. Have clear packages listed on your site, and then mention that visitors can contact you for a quote on a custom package based on their needs. Still prioritize that fixed-price rate as opposed to hourly.

Make sure to set very clear boundaries about what is and isn’t included. Every now and then, clients who want custom packages may also try to tack-on “tiny” extras, like a few extra posts, but which quickly become a significant amount of work once all added up. This should be done and agreed upon during the negotiation process; all extra work should be added on only with an additional cost. Bold and Pop serves as an example of this again with their “a la carte” options that can be added on to any of their packages as needed.

Bold and Pop's a la carte social media services  


What If I Don’t Want to Feature Pricing?

Want to skip listing your prices publicly all together?


You can do that. There are pros and cons of doing this, of course, that you’ll need to weight carefully.


  • Your competition can’t undercut you by offering similar packages and swooping in with a just-lower-than-you price.
  • You can stress the custom-for-you nature of your packages.
  • You can quote each client the best price possible as you see fit; as your business grows or you find more high-budget clients, you can discreetly charge more without restricting your potential.



  • It’s more difficult for clients to assess whether your services are right for them; budget matters.
  • They may write you off for someone who clearly lists their prices online and is seen as more transparent.
  • They may not want to put the effort into finding out your prices.

Consider what works best for your brand, and if you do decide to skip pricing information on your site all together, that’s a valid choice. You still need to make sure that your process and the services you offer are still outlined clearly, however. This will put people’s trust back in you and help them better determine if you can help them or not.

Hello Social does this well. They don’t feature any of their pricing on their site, and instead ask users to get in touch and list what they do offer.


Hello social social media marketing packages

They then take you through the different steps involved in working with them and getting your social strategy up and running. Potential clients will get in touch knowing what to expect, and knowing that this process is what they’re looking for, even if they’re unsure of pricing. This alleviates some of that doubt, and if you don’t list your prices, consider opting for this approach instead.


Hello social social media marketing process



There are so many different social media marketing services you can offer, and defining your own packages will give you a lot of control over the types of work you want to do, how you want to do it, and what you want to make for it. Keep your pricing in line with both the market rate, what your target audience can afford, and the quality and individuality of your services. As long as you do this and market well to your target audience, you can expect to start to see your client roster grow before your eyes.

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