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September 9, 2021

Social Media College is here to change the world, by providing outstanding education in Social Media Marketing. We don’t just want you to have a good learning experience, we want it to be amazing! Entering learning awards helps us with this. It pushes us to design well, using evidence-based approaches, adult learning principles and theories, and best-practice, performance-focused learning activities.

Each year, the Australian Institute of Training and Development recognises outstanding achievement in learning and development by organisations across Australia and beyond. We are thrilled to share with you the news that the Diploma of Social Media Marketing is a finalist in the 2021 AITD Excellence Awards in the 'Best Blended Learning Solution' category.

What are the judging criterias?

The award applications are rigorous and set a standard to aspire to. This includes the following elements:

Meeting Business Needs with the industry representatives and experts determining and endorsing course structure and content of the DSMM through a range of consultative processes including focus groups, scoping meetings, interviews and industry consultation surveys.

Strategic Alignment to the organisational learning strategy of Social Media College, where we aim at providing high-class social media education in a variety of formats, cutting edge content written by social media experts to make the DSMM a practical, engaging, and highly comprehensive qualification that also provides university articulation.

Learning Design where the DSMM is designed for face-to-face, virtual classroom, and self-paced asynchronous delivery. The design has a strong emphasis on adult learning principles and is influenced by the learning theories of connectivism, constructivism, behaviourism, and cognitivism.

Delivery through a partner network of the best RTOs within Australia who can choose and blend the delivery modes that best suit their organisation and students. Through regular training and professional development opportunities provided for the trainers, together, we aim to provide the best outcomes for the students.

Measurable Impact with performance outcomes using a mix of qualitative and quantitative metrics. The students have achieved incredible results while they are studying, from launching new and exciting businesses, to landing a great role in an organisation to enhance their career. The Diploma has empowered students to make their own impact on the world, whether that be social, financial, or both.

Who are we up against in the finals?

Competition is high and the judging process is rigorous where not every entry makes it to the finalist stage. Click below to see our competition and to learn more about the AITD 2021 Excellence Awards.

2021 Excellence Awards Finalists

We congratulate our Head of Learning Design, Neil Von Heupt and our entire learning team at Social Media College on this achievement as we celebrate this news with you.

This is an extraordinary achievement and a confirmation that the Diploma of Social Media Marketing provides:

  • Cutting edge content
  • Practical and engaging learning
  • Highly comprehensive structure with end-to-end social media education
  • Relevant skills and knowledge required for a successful career in social media.

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About the author 

Jonathon Tanner

Jonathon Tanner is the Co-CEO of Social Media College, Australia's leading educator and trainer for social media.

He co-authored the Diploma of Social Media Marketing, the world's first and only Australian Government recognised course in social media marketing, delivered by 25 leading colleges and TAFEs across Australia, and articulating into several Bachelor programs at Australian Universities.

His deep expertise in social media spans content marketing, social media strategy, 15 different social media networks, paid social advertising, personal branding, email marketing, and social media conversion.

Jonathon has also co-founded several other businesses, as well as spending 12 years as a management consultant specialising in mergers & acquisitions for private equity firms, growth strategy, and operational improvement.

Jonathon holds a combined Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Sydney.

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