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September 7, 2020

Have you ever gone to post on Facebook and when it’s time to write the copy – the text at the top of your post – your mind goes blank? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. It happens to the best of us. The good news is, copywriting for Facebook posts can be simpler than you think if you follow a formula.

We know that social media networks are becoming increasingly visual, with a heightened focus on high-quality, on-point videos and images. Whether it’s an organic post or a paid ad, you still need to make sure your copy is well crafted and effective. 

Copywriting for Facebook Posts - Social Media College

Those sentences above your image or video are massively important to your Facebook success and we’re going to tell you how to nail it. 

As with the editing of visuals, writing great copy, like Apple, is an art-form that takes time to practice and master. If you nail it, you’ll see an increase in engagement rates and ultimately, in sales. 

So limber up those typing fingers – let’s get started!

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Write to your audience personas

Copywriting for Facebook posts is about being personal. You want to write to your audience as though you’re chatting to them and they’re sitting next to you. 

The only way to do this is to have strong, detailed, audience personas. This is ideally mapped out in your social media marketing strategy.

It’s important to make sure your audience personas aren’t that cardboard-bland variety that only identifies your target market’s demographics. 

Audience persona demographics - writing to your audience

To be effective, you’re going to need to drill down and understand what makes them tick. Compelling copy for a mum with three kids, who’s time-poor and enjoys a glass of wine will be vastly different from a corporate executive who spends his time on the golf course when he’s not running from meeting to meeting. 

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Use language that will engage and grab the interest of your target audience.

Remember your purpose

Remember your purpose – the reason you’re crafting the copy. Visualise your ideal outcome. You also want to increase Facebook followers and engagement

Without a purpose, Facebook copy tends to revert back to old clichés and does nothing but take up space above the image. 

Ensure that with each Facebook post or ad, you’re identifying what your goal is. This is ideally mapped against your buyer stages – how you’re driving your audience from awareness, through to decision and beyond. 

Copywriting for the different stages of the buyers funnel

Before you click ‘post’, ask yourself; will this copy encourage my audience to take action?

Complement your imagery

Don’t you hate it when people say the same thing twice? Isn’t it annoying when people reiterate the same message? … See what we did there :)?

Typically your audience will look at your media (i.e. your image, video, etc.) and then move to your copy as they’re scrolling through Facebook. When your audience’s eyeballs move from your imagery to your copy and vice versa, you want to make sure that your Facebook copy complements your imagery and doesn’t just say the same thing again.

Social Media College Facebook post - New Blog

If your image is a picture of bananas, with the text ‘10% off’ over the top of it, don’t waste your first few sentences of copy saying ‘we’ve got a sale with 10% off bananas!’ Seriously, you’re bananas if you do!

Think of what would be the next logical step in this dialogue with your audience once you’ve grabbed them with your awesome visuals. Are you feeling like you want a banana now?

Minions banana GIF

Emotional and power words for effect

Great copy is like great poetry. Avoid the vanilla, over-used phrases.

The new normal. Are you ready for this? We are excited. 

Create a list of emotional words that are relevant to your brand, product, or service that will resonate with your audience. There are articles that list out power words to help you add to your own vocabulary.

✅ Motivated

✅ Inspired

✅ Refreshed

When you write your copy for your post or ad, review it and look to see if you can change any words to other ones that are more emotive or emphatic.

Be concise. Keep it simple! 

Ever seen a TV commercial where the face on the tube just keeps droning on, and on, and on, and on? Yeah? Let’s not be them!

Mr Bean sleeping Gif

Remember that with Facebook, you’re not just competing against similar organisations, you’re competing with fleeting attention span. Get to the point in as few words as possible. When you review your copy, take out unnecessary or particularly complicated, obfuscating or polysyllabic words. See? They’re annoying. Take out the big words.

Concise copy converts graphic - Social Media College

This is copywriting for Facebook posts not a technical presentation to an IT department. Keep. It. Simple.

The magic of emojis 😊 😍 🧐

We hope we haven’t lost anyone here. Writing purists might well be throwing rotten vegetables at the screen right now! 🍅

Fonzie Bear stand up comedy GIF

Whether you’re fluent in emoji or it’s a language you’re currently learning, those vibrant little images can help brighten up and reinforce your copy. Emojis can convey what words can’t and may help strengthen your tone and message. 🥶

With five billion emojis sent in Facebook Messenger every single day, more and more people are communicating with a mix of words and imagery. If it matches your brand’s tone and voice, you may want to consider using these helpful little icons. 👍


So there you have it, our guide to copywriting for Facebook posts. We hope you have learnt something new today and that when it’s time to write the copy on your next Facebook post, you do your research and build a deep understanding of your audience, product, and purpose that will ultimately help you to write copy that speaks to them, in a voice and tone that resonates with them and draws them in. 👊

Tell us in the comments which element spoke the most to you. 👇🏼

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About the author 

Jonathon Tanner

Jonathon Tanner is the Co-founder & CEO of Social Media College, Australia's leading educator and trainer for social media. He co-authored the Diploma of Social Media Marketing, the world's first and only Australian Government recognised course in social media marketing, delivered by 25 leading colleges and TAFEs across Australia, and articulating into several Bachelor programs at Australian Universities. His deep expertise in social media spans content marketing, social media strategy, 15 different social media networks, paid social advertising, personal branding, email marketing, and social media conversion. Jonathon has also co-founded several other businesses, as well as spending 12 years as a management consultant specialising in mergers & acquisitions for private equity firms, growth strategy, and operational improvement. Jonathon holds a combined Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Sydney.

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