February 15, 2023

Denny's Social Media Success Story

Denny's Social Media Success Story

Developing a unique marketing strategy is a difficult task for any business. Many marketers fail to understand what a brand voice really is, have a fear of taking risks, or are incapable of identifying the DNA and meaning of their brand. As such, many businesses haven't been too successful in adopting a blunt and snarky personality. On the other hand, Denny's, a popular American diner destination, has adopted a quirky social media voice yet hasn't failed to please and entertain the online masses. Denny's success story on social media has been one of the greatest examples of engaging content in the past few years.

So why have they been so successful? How have they been able to produce such real and engaging content?

We delve deep into the social media world of Denny's Diner to pinpoint the source of their outstanding success;


Entrepreneur reporter Kate Taylor reveals that the unique and “sometimes bizarre” social media strategy on Twitter has been enormously effective for Denny's. Since the implementation of their latest strategy in 2013, follower growth has increased by 150% with at least 1,800 engagements per post. In the last two years, Denny has obtained over 900 million Twitter impressions and 15 million engagements. Now, Denny’s boasts over 321, 000 Twitter followers.

According to their CMO, John Dillon, Denny's success story should be attributed to the recent decision to recruit creative staff with experience in film, writing, and other artistic fields. Team members have thus been able to ensure a sincere, topical, and amusing personality. Denny’s Twitter voice, albeit strange and sometimes indecipherable to those in their twenties, is a vital point of differentiation for the business. Millennial Twitter users can look forward to a frequent stream of posts by their welcoming, friendly, and chatty online diner pal.


Youtube has played a major role in Denny's success story on social media. Named after one of Denny’s signature breakfasts, Denny’s YouTube strategy takes a different angle in airing an animated mini-series called ‘The Grand Slams’. The 30-40 second videos feature ‘America’s favourite breakfast sweethearts’ Pancake, Sausage, Egg, and Bacon. The series follows the funny bunch on their adventures from the booth and beyond whilst making frequent references to pop culture and events.

The web series emerged after it was decided the company should extend brand conversations beyond the restaurant and into the social realm where consumers live and breathe. Stoopid Buddy Stoodios assisted Denny’s in achieving their social goals by helping create the series that not only humanises the brand but allows it to connect with online users in a relevant and original way. Not surprisingly, the results are nothing but positive; each episode receives around 100,000 views as well as a long stream of comments by laughing and smiling fans.


Denny's Instagram account, like many of their other social media channels, embraces the concept of weird and bizarre. The silly and often outrageous account provides not one hint of corporate planning therefore resonating with younger audiences, particularly youthful millennials. One post joked about Denny's new "Spring 2017 fashion collection" featuring a woman in a unitard made entirely out of corn which subsequently received high levels of engagement and howls of laughter by engaged instafans.

Until only recently, the Instagram account didn’t carry as much weight as its other successful social media accounts. Now, only 257 Instagram posts later, Denny’s has ~58,600 followers obtaining at least 1,000 likes per post.

Final Note

Taking calculated risks, and testing, monitoring, and revising marketing activities were the vital processes driving Denny's success story on social media. This has resulted in the revolutionising of a restaurant that better reflects the diner atmosphere and mentality. An established brand voice that is not removed from the products and services Denny's provides, has ensured interactive customers who receive the same message at every brand touchpoint. Denny's is now a social media thought leader, engaging with their customers and keeping up with their needs and wants in order to increase sales and maintain popularity. For more on how to become a social media success of your own, contact Social Media College today!

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Daniele Tanner

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