February 20, 2023

Social Media Success Story - Duncan Peak

Social Media Success Story - Duncan Peak

If you told Duncan 15 years ago what was going to be in store for him, he wouldn’t believe you. He would've never believed that he will be an example of social media success story. From a military officer and professional rugby union player to becoming the original pioneer for contemporary yoga in Australia and a social media success, Duncan’s life has surely been an incredible journey.

A near-fatal experience at the age of 25 changed Duncan’s life for the better. Whilst undergoing a tough military leadership course requiring candidates to go without food for 7 days in the jungle, Duncan found himself alone experiencing great pain in his stomach. Incapacitated for several hours, and slowly coming to the realisation that no one was going to come to his aid, Duncan underwent a spiritual experience where he came to accept his family, his upbringing, those close to him who he’d lost in the past, and himself. Another candidate walking by found him and admitted him to hospital. After being discovered with a ruptured stomach ulcer and overcoming the likely chance of death, Duncan’s eyes were opened to the saving graces and healing powers of yoga.

Now, Duncan has over 14 years of yoga teaching under his belt and is the founder, CEO, and Master Facilitator of one of Australia’s largest yoga communities, Power Living. Duncan’s unique and innovative vision, heart-warming spirit, along with his aptitude for social media has created for himself thousands of loyal followers who have all transformed their lives.


Duncan Peak has established an active online presence across a few social media networks such as Instagram and Facebook. Duncan applies different social media strategies to each of these networks which undoubtedly contribute towards his company’s success and his success as a personal brand. His adopted strategies are as follows;


Demonstrating a fun and unique personality was the key to his social media success story.

Each Instagram hero image conveys Duncan’s quirky, fun, and bubbly personality through his contemporary yoga poses, photos with friends, and other scenic, colourful, and bright images. Positive and unique personalities not only stand out on a crowded social media platform like Instagram but also attract and quickly draw in more fans and followers.

Positive and inspirational quotations Individuals love small positive reminders on how to deal with life’s daily challenges and consistently aspire to discover new and original ways of viewing the world. Relatable, motivational, and thought-provoking quotes succeed in providing these enlightening and counselling anecdotes and additionally, link closely with the yoga mantra. Duncan ultimately provides his fans and followers with something beautiful and insightful to marvel at by posting daily quotes spoken by himself, admired celebrities, sportspeople, and philanthropists.
Interestingly enough, Duncan’s link of choice in his Instagram bio description directs fans and followers to his Apple iBook purchase page to promote his best-selling guide to transforming the mind, body, and spirit of individuals. Duncan also includes the website to Power Living however, without a link, yet still has the potential to direct followers to his website.


Engages and interacts with fans and followers.

Duncan adopts an engaging and interactive approach to social media as he personally responds to wall posts and private messages by his followers and fans about yoga, Power Living, and upcoming events. This type of differentiation has set him apart from most influential figures and has awarded him with over 52,000 page likes and counting.

Facebook rituals Duncan has created a series of Facebook posts called ‘Obsession Session’ and ‘Peak Pose’. These series has become a form of ritual that fans and followers excitedly anticipate and in fact, takes giant strides in terms of building a loyal community. Obsession Session demonstrates a sequence of yoga poses and stretches in preparation for particular activities/sports (e.g. running) whereas Peak Poke showcases one specific pose and explains in detail its benefits and techniques. It is vital to remain relevant and consistent when creating own social media ‘rituals’ or ‘traditions’ otherwise followers may be disappointed.

Duncan Peak also cross-promotes his website for Power Living with Facebook and Instagram in order to direct interest online users browsing his social media networks to his main website where he sells his predominant products; yoga classes and retreats. Not to be forgotten however, is that Duncan and his enterprise is driven by a genuine desire to change lives for the better. If you’d like to make a difference and turn your social media dreams for your business into a reality, contact Social Media College today.

Jonathon Tanner

Jonathon Tanner

Co-CEO and Co-Founder

Co-CEO and Co-Founder of SMC, earned Social Media Educator of the Year from SMMI. With vast experience in social media strategy and content marketing, he's also a co-founder of other businesses. Specialising in growth strategy, Jon has a background in management consulting specialising in M&A.

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