Get Ready – Facebook Is Changing Its Algorithm Again

June 16, 2022

Major changes to the Facebook Algorithm are reportedly on the way with Meta looking to keep up with the ever-evolving user behaviour patterns that the uprising of TikTok has sparked.

According to a leaked memo from Meta Executive in charge of Facebook, Tom Alison, the algorithm will move away from its current model of delivering the majority of the content from pages that the user follows and will start heavily prioritising posts that the AI believes you will like, regardless of where it has come from.

“The Home experience will balance both connected content and unconnected content. We’re working to clean up top-of-feed and make it just as easy to see Stories from friends as it is to discover new content in Reels. We’re also exploring a Community Panel to give direct access to the communities you care about most. Finally, we’re testing a product to give you predictable access to your connected Feed, with the ability to sort in chronological order and filter by Groups, Pages, and Friends. Internally we call this “Mr. T” and I’m excited about the progress the team is making.” As explained by Alison in the memo.

Sound familiar? It should. It’s precisely how TikTok delivers its content.

We have discussed recently the number of changes that Meta is making across their platforms to compete with the new surging TikTok including a huge push on short-form video content across Instagram and Facebook.

This upcoming change looks to be a clear indication that Meta is looking to lure back some of the younger audience that they have lost over the past few years by capitalising on the current need to service the increasingly shortening attention spans of users on social media.

It remains to be seen how this will impact paid marketing on the Meta platform, but if we were to predict how to best prepare your ad campaigns for these updates, it would be to open your TikTok app and take a look at what competitors or businesses are doing that is effective.

While we often see polished sales creatives generate great results on the Meta platforms, we equally see how organic content dominates on TikTok by not only being effective in making sales but also delivering extremely large numbers of impressions for no cost.

Are we seeing what used to be completely unique marketing strategies between Meta and TikTok starting to align? Certainly something to consider in your long-term plans!

About the author 

Sam King

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