October 27, 2023

Global Employment Challenge, TalentMatch and SMC Partner to Tackle Youth Unemployment and Enhance Global Digital Careers

Global Employment Challenge, TalentMatch and SMC Partner to Tackle Youth Unemployment and Enhance Global Digital Careers

In a world where digital skills are paramount, Social Media College (SMC) has teamed up with the Global Employment Challenge (GEC) to make a significant impact on youth unemployment in Africa. This innovative partnership not only addresses the global shortage of skilled digital marketers but also provides an avenue for talented African graduates to find permanent employment, whilst working remotely for international organisations.

The Global Employment Challenge's Vision

GEC's mission is clear and big: to reduce youth unemployment in Africa by placing 10 million tertiary-qualified graduates into jobs with international companies by 2035.

Recognizing the need for real-life experience working in industry, GEC crafted a 10-month training program to equip graduates with the skills needed to thrive in a professional setting.

The program provides relevant soft- and hard-skills training, and real-life experience in the form of a internship.

Doing Well and Doing Good

The partnership between SMC, GEC and TalentMatch combines doing well and doing good simultaneously.

By aligning business and marketing goals with social responsibility, the aim is to create sustainable value for partnering companies and society.

It creates a future where success can be achieved whilst also making a difference.

How the Partnership Works and How Much It Costs

GEC first carefully interviews and selects tertiary-educated individuals from Africa.

Then, SMC provide comprehensive training in digital and social media marketing, whilst the candidates also receive training from GEC on important soft-skills like communications, professionalism, etc.

Following this, TalentMatch finds full-time, 6-month internships for the trained digital marketers. These internships are carried out remotely from their home countries in Africa, whereby GEC have set up co-working spaces for graduates.

GEC's co-working spaces are just like a WeWork and provide a great environment for remote working. Equipped with high-speed internet and essential resources, these spaces ensure all candidates can work in a professional and reliable environment.

For host companies, GEC digital marketing interns are free for the first 3 months, $1,200 per month for the next 3 months, then $2,400 per month thereafter. This is a fraction of the cost of what you would usually pay for a full-time skilled and trained digital marketer.

Why Employ a Remote Worker in Africa?

Here's six reasons why!

It's cost-effective. You can hire talented, full-time GEC digital marketing interns for a fraction of what you can in your home country.

Skilled talent. Africa has a huge pool of highly educated University graduates. Combined with SMC's training and coaching support, these marketers are ready to start adding value to your company.

Remote working in a professional workplace: GEC offers professional and optimised work spaces for their recruits. High speed internet, quality computers and anything else they they need to work remotely. 

Candidates have a great work ethic. Obtaining full-time employment has a huge impact on the life of the candidate and their families, resulting in a fantastic work ethic and motivation level.

Cultivate diversity in your organisation: African graduates bring a range of diverse perspectives and experiences, improving creativity and innovation in your team.

Social impact: By hiring GEC digital marketers through TalentMatch, you're not just building your team; you are actively contributing to resolving youth unemployment in Africa and fostering cross-cultural collaboration.

The partnership between the Global Employment Challenge, Social Media College and TalentMatch is more than a collaboration; it's a movement—an impactful initiative that can transform lives, deliver growth and create a future where talent knows no boundaries.

Hire Skilled Digital Marketing GEC Interns Today!

If your company needs skilled digital marketers to drive growth, secure this opportunity with TalentMatch by hiring talented GEC digital marketing interns today.

By becoming a host company, you're accessing a pool of talented individuals ready to contribute and make an impact to your organisation.

This is your chance to achieve amazing goals in business while doing good!

To apply or simply to learn more, enter your details here and a TalentMatch team member will be in touch: https://www.talent-match.io/next

Daniele Tanner

Daniele Tanner

Co-Founder and Co-CEO

Danni is passionate about helping businesses grow using social media. With 15+ years career in digital media, she co-founded SMC to address lifelong training needs. Honoured as a finalist for Business Awards' Businesswoman and Young Entrepreneur of the Year, she brings profound industry expertise.

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