How To Start A Blog in 5 Easy Steps

March 1, 2015

Everyone keeps asking us, “How do I start a blog?” Many people have stories they want to share with the world, but can’t quite figure out how. Lucky for you, we have a streamlined 5-step process to send you on your way to blogging success.

Enjoy and comment with your blog URL, below! We would love to check out your work.

1. Pick a Niche

Picking a niche for your blog to revolve around is probably going to be the easiest step since you most likely already have one in mind. Healthy Recipes? DIY? Adventures of Parenthood? Entrepreneurial Success Stories?

Choose your niche and…

2. Come Up With a Name

Coming up with a name for your blog can seem like the most daunting task in the world. You want it to be catchy, memorable and easy for you to grow into if your blog becomes a business (this happens more often than you think!).

We suggest making a list of names you love and then going somewhere with unbiased people (your local coffee shop will do) and asking people which top three names appeal the most. It is important to ask people outside your normal network as they will have a biased opinion too.

3. Buy a Domain Name and Hosting Plan

Buying a domain name should be worked in with your name choice as this can dictate which name you will choose, depending on what domains are available. Buying a domain name is extremely simple once you choose which platform works best for you. We would highly recommend GoDaddy with WordPress self-hosted blog.

4. Implement a Design

This can be as fancy or as basic as you’d like. When first starting off, many people choose to go with free templates that are easily customizable like these ones, here. If you do decide the take the extra leap and go with a designer, make sure you have a clear vision of what you like in mind.

In our experience for a basic article based blog the standard templates will tick all of the boxes. Once you start selling / promoting other products a custom site may be necessary.

5. Start Writing

And now the part we’ve all been waiting for…sit down at your desk and write away the content you’ve had exploding in your head for months! For content ideas explore existing blogs and gain inspiration from your network.

Make sure you include your blog in the comments section below, we love to see new content.

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About the author 

Daniele Tanner

Daniele Tanner is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Social Media College, the leading educator for social media marketing.

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