November 17, 2023

Instagram Unveils Major Content Creation Updates

Instagram Unveils Major Content Creation Updates

Instagram has announced great updates to its content creation tools, aiming to create a better user experience and help you produce more dynamic and engaging content.

Here are the key points from the announcement:

Enhanced Video Editing Tools

Instagram is introducing new tools to modify clips and simplify the content creation process and help you produce higher-quality Reels. These include undo and redo options, as well as the ability to scale, crop and rotate clips.

Enhanced Video Editing Tools

Meme Creation and Audio Clipsโ€

The platform is rolling out features that allow you to create memes and add audio clips to your Reels from a new media clip hub.

clip hub

Text-to-Speech Voices and Fontsโ€

Instagram is adding 10 new English text-to-speech voices, available in select countries, and six new text fonts and styles, available in hundreds of languages, enhancing the platform's versatility in content creation.

Text-to-Speech Voices and Fonts

Improved Drafts and Audio Accessโ€

The update includes a revamped drafts feature, offering a centralised view of all saved drafts with options to preview, rename, and schedule them. Additionally, Instagram is testing new ways to access the audio browser or trending audio.

Custom Stickers from Photos and Videosโ€

You'll be able to create custom stickers from your own photos and videos in your camera roll or from eligible content on Instagram. This feature utilizes the AI model "Segment Anything" for innovation in sticker creation.

Custom Stickers from Photos and Videos

New Photo Filters and Posting Simplificationโ€

The introduction of new photo filters allows you to edit photos and carousels with various styles and moods. Instagram has also simplified the posting process, making it easier for you to find editing tools and navigate the camera roll.

New Photo Filters

Enhanced Insights for Reelsโ€

A new metric called Replays will be introduced for both Facebook and Instagram, providing deeper insights into content performance. The definition of Reels Plays has been updated to include Replays alongside Initial Plays. An interactive Retention Chart will also be rolled out, allowing creators to track viewer engagement on a moment-by-moment basis.

Enhanced Insights for Reels

These new features are a great step forward for creators and show how committed Instagram is to making content creation easier. The more tools and insights you have available, the easier you'll find it create content that really connects with your audienceโ€‹โ€‹โ€‹.

Jonathon Tanner

Jonathon Tanner

Co-CEO and Co-Founder

Co-CEO and Co-Founder of SMC, earned Social Media Educator of the Year from SMMI. With vast experience in social media strategy and content marketing, he's also a co-founder of other businesses. Specialising in growth strategy, Jon has a background in management consulting specialising in M&A.

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