LinkedIn Introduces Newsletters for Company Pages

March 25, 2022

LinkedIn followed up on the roll out of articles for pages last September, adding a new way for brands to share professional content and stay in touch with their audience on the platform: newsletters.  

Company Pages will now able to create their own newsletters, which will also include new notifications for Page followers for newsletter updates. The professional network said newsletters can help businesses drive immediate reach through an automatic, one-time notification sent to followers of their page, as well as by sharing the content off-network.

As explained by LinkedIn:

"We debuted Articles for Pages last year to help you publish long-form professional content to spark conversations and drive greater engagement. We continue to look for meaningful ways to connect as we navigate our new world of work, and that’s why we’re introducing Newsletters, a new way to build communities around topics that matter most to your customers with recurring Articles from your Page that members can subscribe to.”

While articles are individual, stand-alone long-form content pieces on a variety of topics, newsletters are designed to be recurring publications focused on a certain topic, intended to build a subscriber community.

The first time you send out a newsletter, it will be sent to each person who follows your company with the option to subscribe to it, which means you have an incredible opportunity for visibility. Members who opt in to newsletters will receive notifications on-platform and via email when new editions are published.

To create a newsletter as your Company Page:

  1. Click create a newsletter
  2.  Add a title, description, publishing cadence and logo for your newsletter
  3. Click done

You can publish up to one article every 24 hours. When you click post, your newsletter will also be shared in the feed. Once you publish your first article, a page for your newsletter is automatically created with an overview of your newsletter, your page information and a list of the articles in the newsletter.

You can also use your newsletter page to provide a preview of your newsletter and share it on or off LinkedIn to increase your reach.

LinkedIn has already shared results from two early adopters of its newsletters feature, Insider and Zoom. The professional network said Insider tallied nearly 820,000 subscribers within 24 hours, while Zoom saw 10% of its followers subscribe to its newsletter, also within 24 hours.

How users respond to the new feature, and potential uptick in notifications, has yet to be determined on a broader scale. However, for companies this could provide an invaluable opportunity to leverage their existing audience and generate conversations that help extend the reach of their content.

About the author 

Natalya Grabavoy

Natalya Grabavoy is the Social Media/ Product Director of Social Media College, working to develop course material for Australia's leading educator and trainer for social media. Originally from Chicago, she has 7+ years professional experience in marketing and communications, spanning industries such as lifestyle, travel, finance, tech and education. She is most excited about helping brands build their voice and presence through social media strategy, digital and content marketing.

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