February 9, 2023

SMC Student Success Story - Radford

SMC Student Success Story - Radford

We would like to introduce you to one of our top students, Radford White. 



How important is Social Media important for your business?

Social media is really important to my career and to my business, because it's what everyone knows, it's what everyone understands when it comes to marketing these days.

A lot of people have false thoughts around how easy it is on social media. Now it is easy to get started but it is harder to actually get results and get genuine traction.

So, that's why I thought that Social Media College could give me some solid grounding, which they have, in how all these platforms work, and the strategy that comes together.

And ultimately, that helps my clients, so thank you Social Media College for helping my clients.


Why did you want to study social media?

I wanted to study social media because I could see all around me in the marketing space that Digital was arriving as well and truly made its impact, and I was just sure social media was just an easy way to get access into that digital space.

So I really wanted to make sure that I was across it and understood what was happening in social media. And I know, the person I was working for, the organization I was working for at the time wasn't making any efforts to train me up or educate me in social media so I thought I'd just do it myself.

That's what social media college has done for me, and that's the reason why I really wanted to know more about it. So I could just extend what I already know around marketing, and incorporate social media into the way that we can actually generate sales for clients.


Social Media Measurement (26)

Would you recommend this course?

I would definitely recommend this course to people. It has not only given me a great insight into social media but it also has given me skills and tools. And also the language, I can now have a discussion, with other marketers and other digital marketers about what social media can do, and what we needed to do.

But also, I'm just thinking, if you're sitting on the fence, think of it this way. In 8 weeks, you can go from where you are now, your business is probably going okay, or you use a bit of social media in your work, or you are a social media manager who's been put into the role without necessarily the right skills and training since a lot of people have learned organically. Well this will actually give you a lot more structure to work from, and in 8 weeks you can go from being pretty good in what you do, to being absolutely amazing at it.

And think about what that means to you in terms of sales. I mean, how many more sales would you need to justify the price of the course? It's really incredible that in such a short period of time, you can develop the skills and you can develop the knowledge that will really make you a social media expert.

It will have people coming to you, asking questions about how to do their social media, like it has done for me. And I'll guarantee you'll be an absolute champion within 8 weeks of doing it, so yeah. I would definitely recommend the course, and I'd definitely recommend people taking action to get going, and get started and do it today.


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Daniele Tanner

Daniele Tanner

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Danni is passionate about helping businesses grow using social media. With 15+ years career in digital media, she co-founded SMC to address lifelong training needs. Honoured as a finalist for Business Awards' Businesswoman and Young Entrepreneur of the Year, she brings profound industry expertise.

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