February 20, 2023

Twitter Success Story: Taco Bell

Twitter Success Story: Taco Bell

Twitter page: https://twitter.com/tacobell

Taco Bell is an American fast-food chain serving a variety of Mexican-based food.

The Problem:
Despite the popularity of the food chain giant, Taco Bell had low follower engagement across many of their social media platforms. Additionally, their Twitter channel had significantly fewer followers than other large brands of the same industry. Like many fast-food restaurants, Taco Bell relies on obtaining and maintaining customer loyalty. In order to do this, they needed to to reinvent their social media presence whilst engaging and conversing with current followers to obtain new ones.

How they overcame their problem:
Taco Bell began twitter conversations with Tweeters who had over 10,000 followers. Targeting these power users maximised social reach, increased the likelihood of brand mentions and retweets, and had the potential to direct traffic to their Twitter page. Taco Bell also adopted a uniquely carefree and idiomatic Twitter voice. This tone humanised the brand transforming the fast-food giant into a humorous pal. They also used popular hashtags to focus on threads that were most relevant to their brand to ensure the widest audience reach.

The result:
The reaction from Twitter was incredible. Taco Bell gained over 600, 000 Twitter followers, 3-times that of Burger Kingโ€™s, and achieved over 3000 retweets from a single tweet.

Why it worked:
Proactive engagement
on Twitter gained and maintained follower interest. Targeting influential Twitter users allowed for utmost social reach and potentially directed traffic to their Twitter profile. The unique, authentic voice differentiated Taco Bell and humanised the brand allowing it to be more personable.

Whatย they are doing now:
Taco Bell currently has 1.64 million followers with 28.2 thousand likes. The brand continues to interact with followers across all social media platforms as the long-term effects, although intangible, have been highly invaluable.

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Jonathon Tanner

Jonathon Tanner

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