February 20, 2023

Social Media Success Story: Lorna Jane

Social Media Success Story: Lorna Jane

From what started off as a small home business, Lorna Jane is now a leading global fashion brand providing unique, chic, and comfortable sportswear for women who want to embrace healthy living.

The founder, Lorna Jane, is one of Australia’s most successful female entrepreneurs. She came from humble beginnings, working as a dental therapist and a part-time aerobics instructor to becoming the proud owner of a sports clothing empire with huge social media success and over 150 stores turning over more than $100 million each year.

Now, the Lorna Jane brand has incorporated a special philosophy, revolutionising our very own idea of active living by inspiring women to live life to the fullest by not only staying fit but also by maintaining a clear, healthy mind and a state of well-being. Lorna Jane’s increasingly popular blog, “Move, Nourish, Believe”, also encourages this philosophy by offering healthy and original recipes, workout exercises, and inspiring stories of everyday women.

What Makes Lorna Jane Successful?

  • Unique Brand: Lorna Jane’s success stems from her one-of-a-kind lifestyle brand that incorporates a nurturing and authentic persona. Lorna Jane not only sells stylish sportswear but provides a wholesome and healthy way of life to obtain a large following. Her blog in particular, represents this through collages of health images promoting the idea of eating and living well.
  • A Personable Brand Ambassador: Lorna Jane also uses herself as the face of her brand humanising the company by embodying positive values, adding visibility to the brand, and boosting social audience reach.
  • Customer Engagement: Lorna Jane also actively engages with followers by responding to customer comments on numerous social media platforms; check out her popular Instagram profile. In this way, Lorna Jane is able to get to know their customers on a more personal level which creates a positive brand reception, stimulates brand loyalty, strengthens customer relationships, and guarantees social media success.

When asked about her success, the founder modestly said, “It just goes to show where passion and following your dreams can take you.”

Perseverance, patience, and passion are what led Lorna Jane to international stardom. If you’d like to turn your business venture dreams into reality, or discover how to achieve social media success for your business, contact Social Media College today.

Daniele Tanner

Daniele Tanner

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