February 9, 2023

The Student Experience: Social Media Marketing Intensive

The Student Experience: Social Media Marketing Intensive

Whether you need to upgrade your career or drive more revenue for your business, studying online has become essential for busy professionals needing to up-skill.

If you are new to online study or haven't studied for some time, you'll likely feel both excited and nervous. The good news is that support is at hand! To help you become a confident Social Media Marketer, in addition to jam-packed course content - there are variety of ways we support you in your learning. Learn more below:

SMMI Student Experience


Soon after you enroll in the Intensive, you will schedule your first consultation (phone or face to face via Skype) with SMC's Head Mentor Sammy Mac. Sammy is a talented Social Media Marketer who is highly technically proficient to help you strategise, plan and optimism your strategy to set you up for success. Whenever you need help: simply inbox Sammy - or book a consultation with her. Reach out!


Social Media College's learning platform is easy to navigate and allows you to keep track of your progress. If you're comfortable browsing websites, you'll have no trouble diving into the course. You have access to all 8 modules the immediately upon enrollment and it's easy to log in from your desktop, laptop or mobile device. There are discussion forums, quizzes, downloadable templates and activities to help solidify your learning as you progress through your studies.


One of your first introductions to the Intensive is a LIVE webinar that welcomes you to SMC, giving you an orientation to the Social Media landscape. Presented by your expert SMC mentors, our webinar series is an engaging resource that complements your primary learning. All webinars have been recorded, so you can watch them on demand to suit your pace of study. There are over 9 hours of webinars to help you nail your winning strategies!


All students in the Intensive gain access to our private Facebook Group for the duration of the course. It's a great forum to connect and collaborate other students in the course and your SMC mentors. Conversations run the whole spectrum - from those technical in nature to creative, strategic and industry specific. How you engage with the group is completely up to you: but it's the best place to stay up to date on all things SMC as we roll out new learning initiatives and updates.


SMC's weekly Facebook Live show is broadcast every Friday morning at 9 AM Sydney time. The show is hosted by our amazing Senior Social Media Consultant, Jim Morris - who is also one of your mentors in the course. Want to keep on top of the latest social media updates? You should definitely follow Jim on Facebook here as he curates the news you need to know. Each week on our Facebook Live show we cover highly relevant social media strategies to further help you succeed. We've covered many topics from Instagram Stories Advertising, to LinkedIn, WhatsApp and much much more. If there's a topic you'd like us to cover, let us know - we create this content for YOU! BONUS: Each week we release a content download for that week's episodes - another handy resource to add to your toolkit.

Gareth Kidd

Gareth Kidd

Social Media Specialist

Brings 15+ years of experience as a Social Media Trainer and Strategist, working with renowned companies like PwC and ING. Co-author of the Diploma of Social Media Marketing, Gareth delivers insightful sessions that ignite "a-ha" moments, guiding businesses towards their digital goals.

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