February 20, 2023

Top Podcasting Tips

Top Podcasting Tips

With listening-on-demand growing in popularity many businesses are flocking to podcasting as their next marketing outlet. For those who are not familiar with the medium, Podcasting is online audio content that is delivered via an RSS feed, when making a Podcast, think of it like your own personalised radio station. You can sign up to Podcasts through your Itunes account, some are subscription based and others are free. Many people liken podcasting to radio on demand, however in reality podcasting gives far more flexibility and customisation then radio on demand in terms of content and programming.

However, with the new channel comes a lot of, “How an earth do I do this?” No fear, we’re here to help. Here are our top podcasting tips:

1. Come Prepared

Remember that your Podcast is similar to your own personal radio station, and like radio listeners, no one wants to hear you ramble on when you forget what your topic or points were in the first place. Our advice is to have a script ready to read off of (and rehearse before) or if you’re interviewing have the interviewee well researched and questions ready to go. It’s okay to veer off the path if the conversation is taking it that way by nature, but you want to make sure to stick to the theme of that episode.

2. Diminish Background Noise

Nothing can ruin a podcast like some background noise—even if it’s something as simple as the hum of a loud air conditioner. Make sure you’re recording in a quiet space that doesn’t have an echo problem. Also, if you can afford it buy proper recording equipment, you’ll be shocked what a few good pieces will do for your sound quality!

Our favorite recording device? The iRig Microphone, it can turn your iPhone into a professional voice recording device with perfect noise amplification. This is also a great tool for iPhone video.

3. Edit Your Podcasts

A simple slur or stumble of words is very common when voice recording, so do not worry about a little slip. All you need to do is repeat what you were going to say and move on, as naturally as possible. You can edit those little things out later! Even if you didn’t “mess up” you should still be editing your podcast for tone, clarity and flow so you’ll want to use something like Audacity to help you out. Garage Band for Mac is another goodie for a podcaster on a budget.

Check out these podcasts to get some inspiration.

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Jonathon Tanner

Jonathon Tanner

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