February 20, 2023

Twitter reportedly testing Articles & option to allow long-form posts

Twitter reportedly testing Articles & option to allow long-form posts

After years of maintaining its notable character limit for posts, Twitter is reportedly working on a feature that will enable long-form tweets. Named "Twitter Articles," it appears this feature will allow users to publish full articles on Twitter without abiding by the 280-character limit.

Twitter's character limit over the years

Twitter increased its character limit from 140 to 280 over the years to allow users more flexibility to express their thoughts on the platform. Since then, users who have wanted to post beyond this length have often relied upon the ability to share multiple-threaded tweets, or even by simply posting screenshots.ย 

Manchun Wong, known for finding experimental features within apps, discovered the existence of a "Twitter Articles" tab. Wong previously unveiled Twitter features like verification requests, a reminder to add image alt text before posting, and video playback speed options. The exact nature of Twitter Articles remains unclear, as well as who it will be made available to.

The social network last year launched its exclusive serviced named Twitter Blue, offering $2.99-per-month subscribers the ability to undo tweets, bookmark posts, and convert threads into an article-like "reader mode."

Long-form content for Twitter

The move toward long-form content comes as no surprise as Twitter already acquired newsletter service Revue last year. "Many established writers and publishers have built their brand on Twitter, amassing an audience thatโ€™s hungry for the next article or perspective they Tweet," Twitter said at the time. "Our goal is to make it easy for them to connect with their subscribers, while also helping readers better discover writers and their content."

For now, with over 200 million users, it seems that Twitter is well positioned to launch an article publishing platform soon.

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