September 15, 2023

WhatsApp Launches Channels Globally

WhatsApp Launches Channels Globally

Today, WhatsApp has announced it is launching WhatsApp Channels to over 150 countries. This marks a significant expansion of a feature that was initially trialed in just a few nations and has now become a global feature.

What is a WhatsApp Channel?

A WhatsApp Channel is a one-way broadcast service that allows users to stay updated on topics of their interest within the WhatsApp platform. Unlike regular chats, you must choose to join the Channel.

Channels are housed in a separate tab, offering users a real-time news and information service from that Channel. Posts into a Channel are only there for 30 days, meaning the content remains up-to-date and current.

This isn't a new move from Meta, the owner of WhatsApp, who recently unveiled Broadcast Channels on Instagram in February this year. It reflects the broader social media industry trend towards the use direct messages (DMs) and smaller, more intimate networks.

WhatsApp Channels have great privacy because who you choose to follow is not visible to other followers, ensuring a discreet experience. Furthermore, WhatsApp safeguards the personal information of both Channel admins and followers.

WhatsApp channels
WhatsApp Channels are an exciting new features that will be rolled out to 150 countries

WhatsApp Channels initially made its debut in Colombia and Singapore back in June, where it garnered positive feedback. The success of these trials paved the way for a broader expansion, making it available to users in 150 markets around the world.

The Future of Channels

WhatsApp has made it clear that this is just the beginning. They plan to continue adding more features and expanding Channels based on user feedback. Already, there's thousands of channels spanning a huge variety of topics and interests.

One exciting prospect is the ability for anyone to create a Channel in the coming months, which will further democratize the platform's broadcasting capabilities.

While WhatsApp's expansion of Channels is significant, some argue that WhatsApp is deviating too far from its original purpose. Messaging is generally considered a more personal and intimate space, and the addition of Channels may blur the lines between private conversations and public broadcasts, and lead to unwanted ads.

Exciting Updates

As WhatsApp Channels goes global, the platform is introducing several updates to make the user experience even more seamless:

Enhanced Directory

Users can now easily find Channels based on their country, ensuring that the content is more relevant to their location. Additionally, Channels can be sorted by newness, activity level, and popularity, making it easier to discover content that resonates with them.


Expressing your thoughts and feelings about Channel updates has never been easier. Users can react using emojis, and the total count of reactions is visible, fostering interaction without compromising privacy.


Admins will soon have the ability to make updates and changes to their Channel content for up to 30 days. After this period, updates will be automatically deleted from WhatsApp's servers, ensuring that information remains fresh and relevant.


Sharing updates from Channels with friends and groups is now more straightforward. When you forward an update, it includes a link back to the original Channel, allowing others to access more information easily.


WhatsApp's launch of Channels to 150 countries shows it is committed to providing users with a versatile and private social media experience. With enhanced features and a global reach, WhatsApp Channels is poised to become a valuable tool for organizations and creators to connect with their audience. Expect to see a huge number of Channels emerge quickly.

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