How to build a funnel that converts

Create a winning sales funnel with expert guidance. Convert leads into loyal customers and skyrocket your revenue

Sam King
Digital Marketing Specialist
July 29, 2022
Zoom Webinar
1 hour
Part of Conversion

About the Masterclass

Social media conversion is the process of strategically moving the traffic generated from social media and other digital media through an intentional system that yields the desired results. The Masterclass delves into the use of lead magnets and social proof to maximize conversion rates, along with the optimization of outcomes through A/B and split testing. Ultimately, you'll develop an actionable plan to apply the learned strategies effectively.

In the Masterclass, you'll gain an understanding of the crucial role of lead magnets and social proof in social media conversion. You'll also learn how to utilize A/B and split testing to improve conversion rates. The course culminates in developing an action plan to apply the acquired knowledge to your conversion strategy effectively

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