March 10, 2023

Find Out If Your Instagram Posts Are Eligible To Be Recommended In Feed

Find Out If Your Instagram Posts Are Eligible To Be Recommended In Feed

Have you ever wondered why some of your content is not getting extended reach on Instagram? Now you can find out! 

In a bid to create more transparency for creators, Instagram has launched a new feature for professional accounts that will allow users to see if their content is eligible to be shared with users outside their network, and what they can do if it’s not. 

As announced via Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri:

“Account Status Update!

We’re expanding Account Status so professional accounts can understand if their content may be eligible to be recommended to non-followers, and what they can do about it.

Here’s how to get to it: Profile -> Menu -> Settings -> Account -> Account Status”

So how will it work?

As you can see, the new ‘Account status’ section on Instagram will indicate if your content is able to be shared, or if there is a red flag that you need to resolve. If there is an issue with any of your posts, you will notice a yellow check in your profile details that you can follow to this section.

Once in this area of the app, Instagram will show you the post that is ineligible to be shared, and give you an insight into what has gone wrong with your content. From there you will be able to edit/remove your post or appeal the decision.

This is a great tool for creators to ensure they are giving themselves the best opportunity to achieve maximum reach on the platform. No longer will you need to scratch your head and wonder why your content isn’t going beyond your follower base. Now you will know definitively if you have violated Instagram’s policies, or if you need to work on a new creative strategy.

It will also finally put an end to the age-old debate over who is ‘shadow-banned’ or if such a thing even exists (something Instagram has always denied).

So if you have a professional account on Instagram, we recommend jumping in and checking out this feature straight away - you never know how much reach you might have missed out on for something very fixable!

Sam King

Sam King

Digital Marketing Manager

The Facebook Ads expert at SMC and brings 5 years of experience specialising in Social Media Marketing and Strategy. He's orchestrated major campaigns in education, sports, events, and eCommerce, seamlessly aligning digital marketing strategies across sectors for maximum impact.

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