February 15, 2023

It's All About Pinterest

It's All About Pinterest

When people think of building an online community they typically think of doing so on platforms like their blog, Twitter or Facebook. Although creating a loyal following and community atmosphere on those networks is extremely important, Pinterest is often overlooked as a site where people don’t interact. Think again. Pinterest is fast becoming the most popular social media network for business as you can link your Pinterest account directly to your website and/or online store.

If you are familiar with mood boards, then you will understand Pinterest.  It’s essentially a digital pin board, a place where you can collate and categorise anything visually appealing that you come across online. Here are a few tips to improve your Pinterest presence:

1. Invite Conversation

Start creating your own captions for your pins and invite conversation amongst your followers—ask questions, tell a story about a pin of a far-flung destination you once visited, urge people to converse and they usually will be more than happy to!

2. Group Boards

Start or participate in group boards. Choosing a relevant group board has done wonders for my Pinterest community and has also introduced me to possible clients and collaborators that I might not have had the chance to meet before. It’s a fabulous way to network and discover cool new content.

3. Start a Tradition

Starting something that your followers will look forward to does leaps and bounds when creating a community. For instance, is Monday “Motivation Monday” where you pin inspirational quotes and photographs exclusively? Are you a health coach that unveils a new low-cal dessert every Wednesday? Whatever it is, own it and don’t forget about it—relevancy and consistency is key.

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Jonathon Tanner

Jonathon Tanner

Co-CEO and Co-Founder

Co-CEO and Co-Founder of SMC, earned Social Media Educator of the Year from SMMI. With vast experience in social media strategy and content marketing, he's also a co-founder of other businesses. Specialising in growth strategy, Jon has a background in management consulting specialising in M&A.

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