February 15, 2023

Increase Your Instagram Following

Increase Your Instagram Following

We all love Instagram — the sharing of images, the genuine connections you make with other users, the great visuals…but what makes it so hard to gain followers? The truth? It takes effort. However, with these 6 simple tips we guarantee you will see an increase in your Instagram followers:

1. Make Your Profile Visually Appealing

Instagram is a social media giant now and it’s time to step it up with the photos — the days of posting an unedited grainy snapshot are over. Creating an aesthetically pleasing look for your profile will enhance your profile credibility and attract a wider network. Use apps like AfterlightVSCOcam and Snapseed to edit your images before posting.

If you want to jazz your photo up with some overlay text and logos try the Phonto app.

2. Have a Clear Theme

Having a clear focus and theme for your Instagram profile will establish a loyal and engaged following that will continue to grow as you develop your profile more and more.

For example, if your theme is to post about conservation and travel, avoid posting grainy photo's of you and your team or friends at the local pub on a Friday. Your fans will engage with your consistent posts more so than ad-hoc lifestyle shots.

3. Hashtag

Using hashtags in the description when posting an image is very important - it's how people find you and it helps attract like-minded individuals to your profile. Our tip? Describe the following with your hashtags:
- Specific activity: eg. #diving
- General activity: eg. #travel
- Surrounds: eg. #ocean
- Location: eg. #greatbarrierreef
- Emotions: eg. #smile #love #happy
- Common tags: eg. #instagood #nofilter
- Your company

Stuck on what common hashtags to include? Check out the top hashtags website for inspiration

4. Engage with Your Community

When posting, ask your audience questions that relate to your photos. For example, post a photo of the latest read you’re devouring and share an insert you especially enjoyed. Ask your followers if they’ve read it, they may have liked the same part and have been searching for someone to discuss it with or they may have something completely new to bring to the table! Engagement is a win-win.

It will also give you credibility when people check out your profile and decide whether to follow you.

5. Comment Away

Creating a community is more than just enhancing your own profile — it’s interacting on others as well! Answer questions, write thoughtful comments and ask meaningful questions. Instagram has become an amazing way to get an inside peak into someone’s life and/or business, take advantage of it.

6. Collaborating

Collaborating with other Instagram influencers or businesses is such a great way to help build your Instagram following! Host a giveaway, start a hashtag project (we love #FridayIntroductions!) or write a compare and contrast post on a product you both recently tried. The possibilities are endless and it’s an awesome way to get your profile in front of a new set of followers.

So what are you waiting for? Login now and start spreading the #instalove. Don't forget to follow us and tag @SMCConnect to start the conversation!

Daniele Tanner

Daniele Tanner

Co-Founder and Co-CEO

Danni is passionate about helping businesses grow using social media. With 15+ years career in digital media, she co-founded SMC to address lifelong training needs. Honoured as a finalist for Business Awards' Businesswoman and Young Entrepreneur of the Year, she brings profound industry expertise.

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