February 20, 2023

Instagram Are Testing Multiple Links In Profile Bios

Instagram Are Testing Multiple Links In Profile Bios

Creators and businesses rejoice! Adding more than one link to your Instagram bio is getting closer! While IG has been working on this feature for a while, they have now expanded access for more creators to test.

The new feature leaves a bit to be desired in the way of optics. The placement of the link will still be the same in the profile bio, however, you will notice users that have access to this feature will have a number next to their link, which indicates how many URLs are available to select once you open the menu.

Once open, the list will appear and include a header description of what the link is, along with the link itself which you can simply click and navigate. 

Pretty basic stuff, but it looks as though they are simply running some testing at this stage to see how many users will take advantage of the new feature. Once they feel they have adequate usage data, we predict that they will spend some time making it look a little nicer and potentially add more features.

While Instagram users have been shouting out for multiple link capabilities for years, those cheers have been somewhat silenced in recent times since the introduction of third-party multi-link tools including LinkTree.

While this could signal alarm bells for LinkTree, it will be interesting to see how users respond. Will Insta be able to convince people to use the native tool when some have become so accustomed to the user-friendly capabilities and extra features that LinkTree offers including click tracking, personalised landing pages, link scheduling and more?

It is also interesting to note that Instagram are notorious for wanting to keep people in the platform and not navigating away. Particularly to competitor platforms (*cough* TikTok), so could this be a play to better restrict users from having people navigate from one to the other? 

Only time will tell what the true intentions here are, but for now, we can chalk this up to another feature in the mad rush of Instagram trying to update the platform at a pace that feels almost daily. 

In the meantime, Instagram and Meta have given us little to no information about how can access this feature, which very well means you may have access to it right now! But we wager that usage will be limited until they get a better feel for how people will use it, how to best get people to migrate back from third-party tools and how they can make it look a little more visually appealing.

Sam King

Sam King

Digital Marketing Manager

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