March 10, 2023

Instagram Enhances Editing Tools in Reels

Instagram Enhances Editing Tools in Reels

Great news for anyone regularly using Instagram Reels – Instagram has recently updated the editing process within Reels to make it easier to trim and re-arrange your video clips in the Reels composer.The new editing process will allow you to more easily edit each clip by tapping on the thumbnail and cutting down the specific segment you want to trim to. You can then re-order each of your clips in the new ‘Re-Order Mode’, simplifying the editing process.In order to try out the new editing process, just go to the Reels camera on Instagram and record or upload a short clip. Once you proceed to preview the video, an option to “Edit Clips” will appear at the bottom left corner of the screen. Clicking the “Edit Clips” option will allow you to:

  • Tap the thumbnails to trim the clips.
  • Tap the reorder button to either delete or reorder the clips.
  • Upload more clips as needed.

After following these steps, you'll be able to post your edited Reels clips directly on Instagram.While the update is relatively simple, it will make a big impact when it comes to facilitating more customised creation and allowing people to create short video clips, which are becoming increasingly popular. It should also encourage users to create more interesting and engaging Reels clips.The new Reels update comes after Instagram began testing an option within Instagram highlights which enables users to tap on a Reels icon to convert the highlight over to a short Reels clip. As a result, the process enables you to synch the highlight to music, providing an entirely new way to create Reels content.Instagram chief Adam Mosseri has repeatedly stated that video content will be the key focus for Instagram moving forward, with Reels, in particular, taking centre stage. And while Reels is already rising to become the largest contributor to engagement growth on the app, it has yet to be seen if this is good enough to keep users away from TikTok.

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