June 28, 2023

Makeover Your Instagram Grid Layout

Makeover Your Instagram Grid Layout

Did you know that nearly 79 per cent of Instagram users search for information on a product or service? Your Instagram grid layout is imperative to your Instagram success and in this article, we’re going to show you how to create a phenomenal grid that will help you and your business increase followers, boost engagement rates and sales.

Why your Instagram grid layout matters

First things first, why is an Instagram grid layout important? Well, your grid is effectively yourlanding pageon Instagram. When people navigate to your account, from search or from discovered content, your grid is what makes your first impression – and first impressions really do count!Instagram is such a highly visual platform, this is exemplified in the layout of profiles. Unlike other social media networks where you may have to scroll some distance to see just a handful of posts – Instagram has your content in grid view.

For social media marketers, this means that we don’t just need to think strategically about our individual posts, but also how they are visually displayed on our profile in the form of a grid. With that being said, let’s get started on your Instagram grid layout!

Start with a creative theme

People don’t follow posts, they follow accounts. Whilst our individual posts need to be smashing, an Instagram user isn’t going to follow you because of one single post. They’re going to follow you because of your awesome Instagram theme or themes– i.e. what value do they get? Treat your Instagram profile like a magazine – I’m not saying to have pictures of Brad and Angelina in every post or talk about what new diet is going gangbusters in Hollywood – but consider which of your content themes (or pillars) are best matched to Instagram. Like magazines, Instagram profiles tell a story over time. Having consistent themes does not mean you post the exact same photos each day, but rather you keep on topic and style. You may want to commit to certain photographic techniques – lay-flat, symmetrical – as well as any filters or colour schemes you use to make your images pop. On a side-note, understanding your themes will also help you craft killer Instagram bios which helps to hook your audience and will also affect your potential for driving on-platform traffic to your website or the landing page of your choice.

Find an Instagram grid layout to match your style

The block nature of the grid means that with no real overarching strategy – even if your individual posts stand out in the Instagram feed – you’re missing a key element to attracting followers and audiences.By adopting a sequenced approach to posting, we can make our grids stand out and encourage our profile visitors to hit that follow button!There are three common approaches you can employ to achieve this visual masterpiece.

1. Checkerboard layout

A checkerboard layout is where we alternate between two complimenting or contrasting posts. Whether you’re alternating between quotes and lifestyle images, or landscape and product shots, the tiles will create a stylish look for anyone landing on your profile. It really is chess, not checkers.

Source: 2. Column layout

A column layout suits the vertical nature of the grid. Having three clear and distinct visual themes will divide your grid into beautifully curated columns. People landing on your profile will immediately see the art and value of your content in vertical streams. You can use colours, filters, etc., to differentiate those columns.


3. Rows layout

A themed rows layout involves posting three similar themed images, ideally with matching colour schemes, at the one time. The result – row after row of iconic imagery. You could use this to highlight particular products, activities, events, or staff – whatever suits your strategy.

The drawback of the row approach, however, is that to keep the rows looking pristine and level, you would need to post three images at a time. This does mean that you may actually cannibalise your reach in the news feed.

Use a grid planning tool

If you’re using Canva or a similar design tool you may not be able to see the forest through the trees – or rather, not be able to see your grid through your posts.Planning tools will allow you to visually map out what your grid will look like in advance. This is imperative for taking a strategic approach to both your content and your grid narrative.There are several apps and platforms like Later,Sked or Planoly that will allow you to plan your Instagram content, with many also having the functionality to publish and schedule directly to your Instagram account, and execute your picture-perfect grid.

Batch produce content to save time

After deciding on which approach you’ll take to your grid, you’re going to need to make sure you have enough content to deploy it on a consistent basis. Whether monthly or quarterly, you will have to plan the strategy and volume of your Instagram imagery.It’s important that you produce that content in large batches in line with your themes. By sourcing, capturing and editing your content in batches, you will ensure your content will create a consistent grid.

It will save you time, effort, and ensure your content is on point! The Instagram algorithm rewards consistent posting, as does your audience. In addition to making sure your content fits your grid, batch production will also ensure you have enough to be publishing once a day, or in line with the post frequency that you set.


So there you have it, our guide to a strategic approach to your Instagram grid layout so that when your audience lands on your profile, they see your stunning visual masterpiece and hit that follow button. Whether you're creating a checkerboard layout, a column layout or a rows layout, keep your photos consistent to your theme so no photos feel out of place. Remember, your instagram grid is what makes your first impression, so make it count. And take it from us, using planning tools and batch producing your content will make your life a whole lot easier. We hope you've learned something new today that you can apply to your Instagram grid. Now it’s time to get posting, reposting and selecting your all important hashtags. Enjoy!

Jonathon Tanner

Jonathon Tanner

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