June 28, 2023

Instagram Is Testing New 'Memories' Prompt In Stories

Instagram Is Testing New 'Memories' Prompt In Stories

Instagram is taking steps to boost user engagement on the app by adopting a strategy similar to Facebook. It has introduced a 'Memories' feature, which allows users to revisit their old content. This feature aims to encourage users to re-share their past stories, fostering greater interaction within the app.

The 'Memory' Story Prompt

The 'Memory' Story prompt on Instagram serves as an archive feature with a fresh presentation. Upon selecting the Memory story, users are shown their previous stories shared around the same date. It offers a nostalgic trip down memory lane, akin to a time machine to the past. While some posts may be cringe-worthy and best forgotten, reminiscing over old photos and posts can be enjoyable. Moreover, it provides an opportunity to reflect on personal growth and changes over time.

Drawing Inspiration from Facebook's 'On This Day' Prompts

Instagram's introduction of the 'Memory' Story prompt is reminiscent of Facebook's 'On This Day' prompts, which often elicit both amusement and embarrassment as users look back on their past updates. Facebook implemented this feature to address a decline in content sharing in 2015. By injecting more 'On This Day' and memory prompts into user feeds, Facebook successfully reignited nostalgic engagement and interaction. Over time, millions of users began visiting their personal "On This Day" pages regularly, ultimately shifting the focus of content sharing on Facebook towards friends and family rather than the latest trends and updates.

Instagram's Engagement Strategy

The introduction of the 'Memory' feature on Instagram suggests a potential decline in user engagement. Instagram's CEO, Adam Mosseri, has acknowledged that personal sharing has transitioned from the main feed to Stories and DMs. This new feature aligns with this behavior shift, as Instagram aims to maintain and increase user engagement by encouraging more personal updates.


Instagram's new 'Memory' Story prompt provides users with a fun way to relive their past experiences while aiming to re-engage them in sharing more personal updates. Only time will tell whether this feature will be successful. In the meantime, users can enjoy the nostalgic and cringe-worthy memories that Instagram has to offer.

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