February 9, 2023

Is Social Media right for your Industry?

Is Social Media right for your Industry?

The vast majority of people are on social media. This means that no matter what kind of business or industry you are in - whether it seems obvious or not, there's a way to reach your customers to drive better results.

In this blog post, we give you a snapshot of some of the industries our students come from and provide you with a great starting point to define your target market - a vital exercise that makes life a lot easier when you are creating your social media strategy.


  • Fashion, Beauty, Jewellery, Lifestyle Brands and Accessories
  • Social media consulting, Digital agencies & Public Relation
  • Photography & Graphic Design
  • Sports Nutrition & Fitness
  • Real Estate, Travel and Tourism
  • Mental Health, Disability, Carers and Aged Care
  • Restaurants, Catering, Entertainment & Events
  • Education, Training and Employment Services
  • Interior Design, Outdoors, Homewares & Furniture
  • Animal care and accessories
  • Construction, Packaging, Recycling and Sustainable Industries
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Defining your target market is one of the first elements of any marketing strategy and identifies the primary characteristics of the customer, including their gender, likes, interests, occupation, disposable income, spending habits, loyalty to brands, and desired lifestyle. The more clearly you understand your customers the more effectively you can market your products and services and tailor the content that you create.Customer profiles are commonly referred to as ‘buyer personas’ – a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer. The goal is to understand how to relate with customers, as opposed to generalising the audience based on their demographics.Click here to watch SMC's Facebook Live episode to learn more about creating your Buyer Personas - this is a great exercise to help you gain clarity on who your customers are.

Gareth Kidd

Gareth Kidd

Social Media Specialist

Brings 15+ years of experience as a Social Media Trainer and Strategist, working with renowned companies like PwC and ING. Co-author of the Diploma of Social Media Marketing, Gareth delivers insightful sessions that ignite "a-ha" moments, guiding businesses towards their digital goals.

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