April 20, 2022

Meta is expanding its charitable donation tools once more, with the addition of fundraisers in Reels on Instagram, providing another opportunity to raise awareness for your chosen initiatives.

The new Reels fundraisers will add a ‘Donate’ button to the bottom of your Reels clip. Users will be able to add further fundraising details in the Reels creation process, with fundraiser links remaining active for 30 days.

As explained by Meta:

Available today in more than 30 countries, you can donate and create fundraisers directly in Instagram Reels for more than 1.5 million nonprofits. As always, we cover the donation processing fees, so all the money raised using Fundraisers on Instagram goes directly to the organisation.”

The option provides another way to encourage user participation in fundraising efforts, which Instagram has been increasing over time, and has accelerated in light of the pandemic.

Over the past several years Instagram has created a variety of fundraiser options, as its platform sweepingly becomes a integral to spreading social awareness. Instagram launched personal fundraisers in 2020, along with Instagram Live fundraisers, while it also added the ability for users to create and share nonprofit fundraisers directly within their IG feed. Last year, Instagram also added group fundraisers as another route to maximise awareness of user-supported causes.

Given the younger demographic using its platform, the move to for Instagram to provide tools aligned with social causes makes sense. And as a side benefit for the app, fundraising will encourage a transfer of funds within Instagram, which supports into its broader eCommerce push.

Familiarising users with donating money over the app could extend to a broader comfort with in-app shopping, and as Instagram has recently expanded product tags to all users, it is likely shopping will become a much bigger, more accessible focus in the coming months.

Overall, Meta's support of cause-based initiatives is a great way to promote social awareness on the platforms, and contribute to a communal benefit.

About the author 

Natalya Grabavoy

Natalya Grabavoy is the Social Media/ Product Director of Social Media College, working to develop course material for Australia's leading educator and trainer for social media. Originally from Chicago, she has 7+ years professional experience in marketing and communications, spanning industries such as lifestyle, travel, finance, tech and education. She is most excited about helping brands build their voice and presence through social media strategy, digital and content marketing.

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