February 15, 2023

January's Top Instagram Profiles

January's Top Instagram Profiles

The inexpensive nature and immediate potential to connect with anyone and everyone is what makes Instagram such a popular social media platform. It's a photo based channel, making it fun, innovative, and easy to use. Businesses of any size and type have begun to realise Instagram's prospective future as they are able to reach an infinite number of users at no cost. In fact, businesses that don't use it are considered to be at a loss!

For those of you who aren't familiar with our Instagram account @socialmediacollege, every few days we spotlight creative, and captivating Instagram profiles in order to reveal how accounts can generate huge following and engagement. These profiles may belong to start-up businesses, well-established companies, charity organisations, and the list goes on. We hope that by showcasing influential profiles, you will be able to adapt and implement their techniques to obtain a large fan base of your own!

Last month we stumbled upon a variety of accounts worth mentioning. Here is our pick for January's Top Instagram Profiles;

5. Fallen Industry - Have an Intriguing and Succinct Bio

@fallenindustry is a woodwork business owned by Paul Kruger who creates furniture and sculptures made from reclaimed fallen trees knocked down by industrial growth. In this way, the trees are reborn for a beautiful purpose.

Not only is Fallen Industry's Instagram profile an absolute delight to look at in which every post features a magnificently constructed piece of art but also ticks all the boxes in terms of creating a loyal following; Fallen Industry's profile description cleverly lets their fans and followers know what they do, whilst simultaneously making it intriguing. Creating a substantial bio for your profile that explains your company culture and purpose without being boring is a great way of creating new and loyal customers. There's also a good chance your followers will tell others through positive word-of-mouth!

4. Paper and Honey - Share Private Moments and Personal Journeys 

@paperandhoney is the Instagram profile of Laura Joseph's wedding stationery, and calligraphy business. We love it when we see so much love and care in an Instagram profile such as Laura's. Her profile oozes with such charm and meticulousness, it deserves its 10,600 or so followers.

Her images of unique composition featuring beautiful bouquets of flowers, artistic hand-lettered creations, or stunning jewellery, and everything in between are not the only aspects that are testament to Laura's success. What makes Laura unique is that she shares major life events and experiences with her followers.

Opening up to your fans and followers by sharing private moments and personal journeys contribute towards the authenticity and sincerity of your profile. Disclosure allows for the building of trust and reliability between follower and business. In one of Laura's posts, she celebrates her housing anniversary, and in another, she posts about her engagement. Where there's trust, also comes an increase in followers, leads, and sales.

3. Sofar Sounds - Advertise and Promote your Products and Services

@sofarsounds is the official Instagram account for a unique company that organises "intimate gigs" in major cities located around the world. Sofar Sounds set out to "bring magic back to live music" by rounding up extraordinary artists and music enthusiasts in secret locations for each concert. The fast-growing business encourages businesses and individuals to host gigs for budding musicians and an incredible audience.

Sofar Sounds, collectively including Instagram accounts for each of their city accounts (@sofarchicago, @sofarsydney,@sofarlondon, etc.) has approximately 17,000 followers. Their growing network of fans can be attributed to frequent and captivating images and videos of vibrant performers, lively audiences, and computer-generated advertisements.

Showcasing your products and services via Instagram is essentially "free advertising"; It can generate huge exposure and allows you and your business to show off what you have to offer.
Stunning @sofarsydney Instagram poster created by Wendy Lee (@wendyrl)

2. Candy Clothing Co. - Use Influential Members of Society 

Another small successful business worth mentioning is @candyclothingco. This retail brand takes a "scrumptious fashion journey" by selling candy/food themed clothing and accessories.

The clothing brand, now with nearly 2,000 followers, attempts to benefit from a network of local celebrities by collaborating with them and offering them free Candy Clothing garments to wear. The brand's Instagram profile exhibits many images of these influential individuals wearing their outfits who are effortlessly recommending the products to their own followers and fans. In this way, Candy Clothing is able to gain access to the followers of these celebrities and the leads pour in.

1. Bon Puf - Be Personable!

@bonpuf¬†is a¬†unique¬†cotton¬†candy¬†catering¬†business. Chlo√ę Lane is the proud owner and¬†empowered¬†entrepreneur¬†with an Instagram following of over¬†17.1k!

At first glance, you wouldn't guess that Bon Puf provides fairy floss; The Instagram profile is boasts creative images of lollies, pastel-coloured objects, artistic beach settings, and funky looking fruit - This is all part of the brand's personality!

Without realising, we¬†perceive¬†brands like people; embodying human¬†characteristics¬†that have the ability to annoy or please us.¬†Our¬†personification¬†of¬†brands¬†however, isn't an accident; It's because¬†brands frequently display¬†personality¬†traits¬†to which consumers can relate and therefore develop an attachment much like the feeling one would develop towards friends.¬†Brand personality has the¬†power to differentiate a brand and their competitors,¬†and can generate loyal followers much like Chlo√ę's Bon Puf!¬†How about you take a leaf out of her book and develop or build on your brand's personality?

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Daniele Tanner

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