June 8, 2022

Instagram users will now have even more control over their profile display as the platform has officially launched its latest feature which allows creators to pin their three favourite posts to the top of their grid.

Testing for this new feature began in April this year and today they have announced that it will be available to all users globally. All you have to do to access this feature is select the ‘Pin To Your Profile’ option in the top-right menu of any post. Simple!

The feature will allow you to pin either posts OR reels, which aligns with Instagram’s latest push towards prioritising full-screen video content.

The pinning feature also coincides with a number of other updates that Instagram has introduced to Reels, as announced by Instagram Chief Adam Mosseri via Twitter. These include Reels extending to 90 seconds, the ability to import your own audio to use in your videos, and making the interactive stickers used in stories available to use on Reels including quizzes, polls and emoji sliders.

Based on Mosseri’s announcement, we shouldn’t expect the updates to stop here: “Now your profile is your space, so we’re looking for more ways to give you control over that experience. More to come.”

Instagram is clearly continuing to enhance its short-form video capabilities and improve the experience for creators in a play to dominate the space in the social media world.

So how can you take advantage of this as a social media marketer? Simple! Make sure short-form video content is a priority in your Instagram strategy!

The platform announced in late 2021 that this year was going to be all about prioritising video content in the feed. This means your organic video content is going to be vital in achieving large levels of engagement and reach.

But first things first – it’s time to think about which three posts you want to pin to the top of your feed!

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