February 15, 2023

April's Top Instagram Profiles

April's Top Instagram Profiles

Founded in 2010, Instagram is a mobile application that enables users to upload, share and engage with images. The network has more than 400 million monthly active users!  Thanks to it's ever-growing popularity, Instagram now delivers a service that allows digital marketers to run sponsored paid ads.

At Social Media College, we love what we do on our Instagram account, @socialmediacollege. It demonstrates our fun and go-getter attitude to running a business and developing a creative and innovative social media strategy. Every few days on Instagram, we showcase a business that is absolutely killing it on the network. These businesses come from all walks of life, each with their own unique purpose, from selling hand-made accessories, to encouraging others to think positively. We hope that each of our spotlights give our fans and followers something new to learn on achieving social media success, and gaining a large Instagram following of their own!

Last month we came across an abundance of successful accounts. Here's our top 5 list for April's Top Instagram Accounts:

1. Thoughts Inform

@thoughtsinform is the official Instagram account of a team of determined thinkers who aim to "bring to an all-too-often dim world the light of positive thinking." With over 3, 500 followers after only 40 posts, it's all too clear they are achieving social media success. Here's why:

Relatable, inspirational, and motivational quotes - Thoughts in Form frequently post uplifting quotes by well-respected celebrities, sportspeople, and philanthropists. Quotes are always a great way to increase engagement because we all love positive reminders about how to deal with life's challenges, and we love to discover new ways of viewing the world. So, like Thoughts in Form, give your followers something new and beautiful to marvel at today!
Stunning simplicity - At first glance, one can see that Instagram posts by Thoughts in Form are simply made up with an emotive image coupled with a quote. When it comes to social media success - simplicity is key. This is because the modern follower doesn't like to be fooled by hard-selling techniques or unnecessary features. Studies suggest that by keeping it simple, you're more likely to achieve rapid and sustained growth!

2. Owl Crate

@owlcrate is the Instagram profile for an exciting book delivery service. Every month Owl Crate supplies an awesome read, other bookish goodies, and exclusive items from authors and publishers in a funky looking crate. Owl crate has obtained over 72,800 followers. Here's how:

Showcase Products - Each month Owl Crate posts creative images with all the cool products that will appear in that month's crate. Their showcase of fantastic book items and tidbits tempt followers to subscribe almost immediately. Posting images of the products you sell also gives the impression of authenticity and lets the public know what your business is all about.
Follower Engagement - Owl crate asks their followers to take 'unboxing' photos and send it to them where the most creative and artistic photos are uploaded onto their Instagram profile. Asking your followers to contribute to your brand ads a fun dimension to your profile, humanises your brand, and makes it clear to all your followers that you value them and their input.

3. Avierley Boutique

@avierley_boutique is the Instagram account for a unique floral crowns business run by a vibrant, artistic mum of three. Her mantra, "Dream, Create, Love" has inspired a range of stunning head wreaths for children of all ages. The Instagram profile has reached over 15,900 followers and here's why:

Collaboration - Avierley Boutique shows us the power of collaboration by using Instagram 'influencers'. Showcasing and promoting the products/profile of an influential Instagram profile can spread awareness and see a huge spike in you own followers. Avierley Boutique collaborates with children's clothing designers who align well with her own products (crowns) to obtain more followers and create a unique profile.

4. SumoMe

@sumome provides marketing tips for entrepreneurs of any kind. They also offer digital marketing tools designed to increase online traffic which are being used by more than 372, 000 websites! As an already successful company, there was no doubt that their Instagram account was going to be a huge success too. However, that being said, they implement some great Instagram techniques that you can use for your profile;

Humour - SumoMe uses humour to attract followers and display a unique brand personality. Research suggests that the funniest posts are the most shared and most engaging pieces of content. Laughter is also considered a "universal language" in which everyone can relate to; this is because they trigger positive emotional responses.

5. Orana Creative

@orana.creative is the Instagram profile for Orana, a social media & design expert and mompreneur. With just over 1,000 followers after only 109 posts, Orana is obtaining high levels of engagement and followers very quickly! Here's why;

Clear and consistent theme - What we really love about Orana's profile is its mix of beautiful photos and social media tips. This combination not only renders her Instagram grid fun and fabulous, but it differentiates her profile amongst a crowd of many other social media related profiles. We especially love her transition from black and white photos to similar images with a "pop of red" effect.
Weekly Freebies - Orana holds weekly giveaways consisting of new logos, social media guides, and the like all created by Orana. We love it when individuals give away meaningful and interesting content that is valuable to followers and fans. This is because giveaways always quickly increase engagement levels and awareness of your business spreads.

To learn how to absolutely kill it on Instagram or to discover how to achieve social media success for your business, contact Social Media College today.

Daniele Tanner

Daniele Tanner

Co-Founder and Co-CEO

Danni is passionate about helping businesses grow using social media. With 15+ years career in digital media, she co-founded SMC to address lifelong training needs. Honoured as a finalist for Business Awards' Businesswoman and Young Entrepreneur of the Year, she brings profound industry expertise.

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