Instagram is one of the world’s favourite social media platforms. Over 2 billion people use Instagram, with over 60% of users logging in daily. In its simplest form, Instagram is a social media platform focused on telling a visual story, that allows you to post photos and videos. 

This results in an engagement rate on Instagram are 10 times higher than Facebook and often much higher than other social media platforms. Learn how to utilise Instagram for marketing and sky rocket your organisation. 



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This course put hope back into me

This course was so interactive, I cannot say enough how much I enjoyed it.The program is so easy to follow, and how it gets you to interact with others whilst you are studying. 

It feels so rewarding. I can't thank this course enough to make me feel successful."

Avalon Karatau



"We were at a level where we had a great audience and great followers, however we got to a point where what was working for us 12 months ago isn't working anymore. 

This course was so great to get us up to date with all of the new strategies and trends within Instagram marketing."

Sharon Vella




Instagram Marketing Short Course - Social Media College

Rapidly scale your followers, maximise engagement and generate income through direct-sales and collaborations.

  • Learn from Instagram’s top marketers & influencers

We partner with industry leading Insta-pros to teach you the strategies & hacks that make all the difference.

  • Join an active community of like-minded Instagram marketers

Learn through participation with other students and share your journey by accessing our vibrant Facebook group.

  • Immediately applicable to your Instagram account

No fluff or useless theory. Learn the tactics that deliver immediate results for your business or personal account.

Cutting-edge strategy & tactics with real-world results

Filled with tools, templates and exercises that help grow your business while you’re studying.

Instagram Marketing Short Course - Social Media College
Instagram - Social Media College



  • Accelerate Your Career

Develop in-demand skills to leverage new, high-paying employment opportunities

  • Practical Experience

Access comprehensive strategies, tools and templates to grow your business



Create engaging Instagram profiles


Build an active following online


Monetise your Instagram account


Convert followers to paying customers


Maximise Instagram engagements

Number of active

Instagram users in


Instagram users 2022

Become an expert in the fastest-growing digital marketing channel.

Instagram - Social Media College


instagram MARKETING


Welcome and Introduction

Turn your account from ‘everyday use’ into a strategic marketing tool.

  • Identify the differences between Facebook and Instagram
  • Identify the pros and cons of Personal, Business and Creator accounts
  • Become familiar with main Instagram organic placements: Profile, Stories Reels and Live
  • Learn how to organise your messages between General and Primary inboxes


Set Up Your Profile

Set up an Instagram Business account and optimise your profile.

  • Understand the essential features of an Instagram profile
  • Set up your Instagram Business account
  • Upload your profile photo, bio description and URL
  • Learn how to edit and adjust your profile settings


Strategy and Algorithm

Determine how a post is processed and ranked by the algorithm to create your strategy.

  • Determine how a post is processed by the algorithm
  • Identify the factors that influence ranking
  • Learn how the Instagram algorithm works for Feed, Reels, and Explore page
  • Create your own buyer persona to inform your strategy
  • Complete competitor analysis with provided template
  • Identify created, co-created and curated content


Creating Great Content

Create captivating photo and video content in a consistent grid that appeals to your target market.

  • Define ‘great visual content’ in terms of its qualities
  • Produce your own great photo and video content
  • Edit your photos in third-party editing software
  • Create your own grid layout in Canva and identify the benefits of having a consistent theme
  • Post Stories that are optimised for engagement
  • Schedule and post a Live that maximises follower reach


Plan and Schedule

Understand how different types of content work on the platform.

  • Learn how to gather data from Instagram Insights and Post Insights, including: Reach, Impressions, Account Activity, Top Posts, Top Videos, Top Stories
  • Locate and assess your follower breakdown
  • Identify third-party tools to use for content calendars
  • Plan and fill out a monthly content calendar
  • Select the best freelancer by identifying necessary criteria
  • Write an effective content brief (with a provided example)


Build Your Following

Identify the main ways to gain real followers, while optimising post captions and hashtags.

  • Identify the 7 main ways to gain real followers
  • Select strategic tags and hashtags for your business
  • Learn best practice for writing captions and micro-blogs to increase engagement on your posts
  • Understand the benefits of community management, reciprocal engagement and outbound engagement
  • Learn how to use Instagram’s new “collabs” feature
  • Analyse successful examples of user generated content, brand collaborations and share for share partnerships
  • Enact reciprocal engagement on one of your own Instagram posts


Influencers and Collaborations

Set up successful influencer campaigns and effective methods of engagement and partnerships.

  • Determine effective methods of reciprocal engagement used to grow follower numbers
  • Identify best practices for a share-for-share partnership
  • Select key features and processes when it comes to creating user generated content
  • Identify 4 types of influencers: mega, macro, micro, nano
  • Set up an influencer campaign by setting clear objectives and KPIs, as well as deliverables 
  • Set up an influencer campaign by setting clear objectives and KPIs, as well as deliverables 


Paid Ads

Use Facebook Ads Manager to set up your own paid ad campaign.

  • Learn the benefits of Instagram ads vs organic content
  • Identify the ad formats available on Instagram
  • Use Facebook Ads Manager to set up your own paid ad campaign in Instagram
  • Understand how to create effective ads using the different formats available: Feed, Reels, Stories
  • Determine your correct ad budget and select daily or lifetime schedule for your ad


Analytics and Monetisation

Learn to understand and measure the metrics that increase profile growth.

  • Learn how to analyse your ad analytics in Facebook Business Manager
  • Define the main metrics, including: cost per click, cost per lead, cost per view, conversion rate and click through rate
  • Navigate the four levels of data across: Account, Campaign, Ad Set and Ad
  • Learn the steps to set up your own Instagram shop, and identify the different types of shopping
  • Identify what makes a great Instagram shopping ad

Led by an Expert instructor

Learn your way: Video, audio or written

Learn by doing: Immediately applicable activities

Hands-on Templates to create your growth strategy


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What can I expect when I purchase the course?

Once you’ve purchased your course, you will receive a welcome email within minute which will contain all of your login information and simple instructions on how to get started and access your content within the SMC online campus. 

You can click on the link and get started right away. You will have access to all 10 modules however we highly recommend you work through them in sequence

Will I learn how to measure my results/engagement on Instagram?

Yes, you’ll learn to how to measure and adjust the metrics that increase growth, as well as how to configure posts for maximum engagement. You’ll even learn how to create great content, make a specific Instagram strategy and much more.

I’m just comparing at the moment – why does this course stand out over other workshops or Instagram courses?

This course is developed by industry experts, and throughout the course you’ll learn by doing rather than by simply listening or reading. You’ll develop in-demand skills to leverage new, exciting employment or business opportunities.

Is it all just theory?

No! Throughout the course there are checklists and templates, discussions, activities and action planning. You'll walk away with a comprehensive set of resources that you'll know how to use and a clear plan that you can put into action.

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